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New Website

New Website

DRUM ROLL! Welcome to the new and improved website featuring painting techniques by me, Noelle Rousseau 🙂

For the better part of a year I’ve contemplated remodeling my website. In all honesty, I struggled to really identify what I truly wanted to do with my artwork and what I could contribute to the world (perhaps I should say “artist community” instead of “world,” because not everyone paints!)

It wasn’t that I lacked passion, it was that I didn’t know what specific skill set or idea it was that I wanted to focus on. It seemed I had too many ideas going in a multitude of directions. I didn’t want to dabble in a little here and a little there, I wanted to figure out the sweet spot of what my interests, strengths, and calling were. Figuring out something so important takes time, especially coming from me, the most indecisive person ever! I think as this thing progresses, I need to embrace imperfection.

Any who, my light bulb moment finally arrived and it was ever so unexpected 🙂

This might not be believable, but today (4-22-17) I was taking my Saturday nap and right before waking up, in the space between dreaming and consciousness I had the most inexplicable thing happen! I was coming out of a fairly uneventful dream and as clear as day and out of nowhere (unrelated to the actual dream) a phrase popped into my head, call it a “vision” if you will. It was truly amazing and I can’t find the perfect words to describe my feelings about it, it was just a “wow,” spiritual moment. I’ve experienced a few of these types of occasions in my life, but this has absolutely been the clearest and most certain.

As silly as the phrase sounds, it was “acrylic painting techniques.”

So here you have it, this is a blog about Acrylic Painting Techniques and I’m here to share with you a plethora of knowledge because if its one thing I’m positive of, it’s that I am the guru of painting techniques!

And for now I bid you adieux… xoxo

P.S. I’m including screenshots of my previous website that I built from SCRATCH in 2011 (more for me, so I can keep it as a little momento).

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